Soccer Rules

Please help maintain a fun, friendly, positive and clean environment for all players, coaches, family and friends attending!

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.”

-Knute Rockne

Rules of the Field:

Bridgewood Youth Soccer (BYS) is our community soccer organization that is an awesome opportunity for our children to be active and learn about the discipline and play of team sports. BYS is a NON-COMPETITIVE organization. Practices and Games are recreational. Please help maintain a fun, friendly, positive, and clean environment for all players, coaches, family, and friends attending! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS AND HAVING FUN!

1. Parents/visitors/siblings are NOT ALLOWED:

a. On the side of the field (other than the designated sitting area) OR in the Coaches/player’s area during game time unless attending to an injured child or asked by a Coach to assist;

b. To directly approach Referees regarding calls or lack thereof. Referees should be treated respectfully to set a good example;

c. To engage in negative, demeaning, foul, or threatening language. Warnings will be given if reported and/or you will be asked to leave the fields if language persists;

d. To directly approach a Coach (head or assistant) during the game;

e. To hang on goal posts.

2. Screaming and yelling at your child, other players, parents/visitors, Coaches, Referees, and/or Committee Members WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

3. Threats or intentional acts of physical violence WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Immediate removal from the park will be conducted for such acts.

4. Any individual refusing to leave will be escorted off the Common Property consisting of the Fields and Park at Vollmer Lane by either a Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) Deputy or a Bridgewood Homeowners Association (HOA) Board of Director (BOD) (In accordance with the published Bylaws of Bridgewood Association, Inc.). Please note if you are a Bridgewood HOA Member, this does not infringe on your rights as Vollmer Park and the related fields are defined as a “Common Area” of Bridgewood, and per Article VII, Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors, Section 1 Powers:

     The Board of Directors shall have power to:

     (a) adopt and publish rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Area and facilities, and the personal conduct of the Members and their guests while using these facilities, and to establish penalties for the infraction thereof;

5. Suspension or termination of game may be ordered by Soccer Committee Members for un-sportsmanship like behavior or harassment of players, Referees, Coaches and/or spectators alike, if deemed necessary.

6. Please pick up after yourself and your children. Trash receptacles are provided in the pavilions and around fields.

7. Pets are NOT ALLOWED on playing fields or the sidelines during game times. Pets are allowed to an extent around the park area and must be on a leash. Please see posted regulations regarding pets located by parking lot.


Rules of the Game:

Bridgewood Youth Soccer is RECREATIONAL. Teams are NOT to keep score.

BYS Policies, Rules, and Regulations