Registration Fee Increase

BYS is non-profit and completely volunteer-run. We are proud that we offer an all inclusive package for your kids at a low rate. Every penny of BYS’s Registration fees goes right back into BYS and pays for items such as:

  • Uniforms (jersey, shorts, & socks)
  • Trophies
  • End of Season (EoS) Party
  • Officer Coverage
  • Fields maintenance (paint, dirt, etc.)
  • Referee Pay

We have maintained a $65 Registration fee for quite a few years now, but due to rising costs, the BYS Committee has voted to raise the fees by a small amount. You will still get a discount for multiple children. The new fees are:

1 Child = $75.00
2 Children=$135.00*
3 Children=$195.00*
4 Children=$255.00*
Each additional child=$70.00*
*All children must be siblings and living in the same household for reduced rates.

We truly hope you’ll understand why we’ve initiated this small increase. We encourage your feedback at [email protected]. Thank you!

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