The Referee enforces the laws of the game, and his or her decisions are authoritative and final. Duties include games set-up, working with other game officials to control the match, ensuring that equipment meets match requirements, stopping and restarting play at his or her discretion, protecting the safety of players, and taking disciplinary action against offending players and officials.


It is very important to be at each game that you are assigned to and to be on time to those games. If you cannot make a game, please contact call the BYS Commissioner and/or the BYS Referee Liaison and let them know at least 24 hours hour before the game.

Part of your duties are to: be at the fields by 8:00 am; put nets up; put up corner flags; help set up/take down Coach’s benches; get your stop watch, whistle, and oath card ready; and report to the BYS Committee.

If you witness any injuries to players/parents/Coaches/visitors, please report it to a BYS Committee Member immediately.

If a parent, Coach, or anybody is yelling at you or makes you feel unsafe, please contact the Deputy on-duty or the BYS Committee Member on-site right away.


•    Be aware that refereeing a match for children is completely different from refereeing a match for adults.
•    Protect the children.
•    Put the emphasis on the spirit of the game rather than on errors.
•    Do not intervene excessively in a match.
•    Allow the children to play.
•    Explain any infringements of the rules of the game committed by the children.
•    If a player makes a mistake in restarting play, get the same player to repeat the action while explaining his/her error.
•    Do not tolerate inappropriate language.
•    Remain consistent, objective and polite when indicating infringements of the rules of the game.
•    Have an explanatory attitude to refereeing; clarify all infringements.
•    Retain a positive and cheerful manner.
•    Ensure fair play in all circumstances.
•    Ask the children to shake hands before and after the match.



Win or lose, I pledge to play the game to the best of my ability, to play by the rules, and be a good sport.


I pledge to always support my team and child with good sportsmanship. I will show respect for ALL players, coaches, referees, and all other participants in this program today.

To Our Participants
On game day, parents and coaches should enjoy watching the kids play, cheer for the players, and refrain from yelling negative and/or directing comments at the Referees.


Concussion Education


BYS urges Refs to take the FREE course offered on-line at: to obtain a Certificate acknowledging completion of The Heads Up! Concussion in Youth Sports Training for Coaches. Once your Certificate is produced, you can email it to: [email protected] provide a print-out to the Referee’s Liaison.

We highly recommend you to take and pass this course as it will bring a huge benefit to our players, parents and yourselves as Referees. It is a free course and takes only 30 minutes to complete. You may save a life by spending 30 minutes of your time on this course.

Below are some downloadable documents regarding concussions:

Spanish versions: